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Tats in a Ron Artest Jersey
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Image by j/k_lolz
ed note: Ron Artest is the Indiana Pacer basketball player that went into the stands @ The Palace of Auburn Hills, home of YOUR DEE-TroOiiITTTT PISSS-ToOOONS!, to punch the lights out of some doofus who threw an empty cup at him.
But he went after the incorrect guy & bedlam ensued with both teams going at each other & loyal fans jumping in and rushing the court to taunt & harass the surrounded Pacer’s still on the court.
Local news teams pooled their footage of the incident & painstakingly combed their video frame by frame in an effort to identify the rogue participants.
What followed was nothing less than a complete indictment of video-as-mug-shot when their efforts went for naught & identification proved inconclusive.
Finally a visibly distraught management flak made an impassioned public appeal for cooperation from the public at-large & sweetened the deal with 2 seasons tickets to anyone who would rat out their "Bro".
Response was phenomenal as everyone seated within a 3 section radius of the offender experienced a Satori-like epiphany.
The illuminated masses couldn’t wait to finger said perp.
That’s the way I remember it.
Anyway Ron Artest was vilified by the Piston faithful for many moons after the whole affair.
This guy showed some stuff by publicly flaunting his jersey.

Artest Incident * Wikipedia

Durant vs.. Artest
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Image by cbucka21
Kevin Durant and Ron Artest square-off in Game 2 of the 2010 Playoffs opening round

Ron Artest
2797863027 8c091b7143 Cool Artest images
Image by jeffbalke
Ron Artest at the Toyota Center for his rally with fans.

Calendar Software : The Calendar Planner 2010

Calendar Software : The Calendar Planner
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Tip #1: Use Your Credit Card Incentives

If money is tight during the holidays, chances are you have a ton of credit card debt. If your credit cards are maxed out, perhaps the incentives you have earned by using them are maximized as well. Most credit card companies offer incentives as an attempt to lure you to use their card before you use the competition’s card. Some of the incentives are very enticing offers and a fantastic show of appreciation. The most well loved example of such incentives is the reward point programs offered by many credit card companies. Generally, for every dollar spent, you earn one point. If you spend several thousand dollars, you earn several thousand points. For every 1000 points earned, may be redeemed toward the buy of hundreds of products from hundreds of top retailers, many of them offering fantastic Christmas gift thoughts. If you have 5000 points, that is in value, for example. Many of us have the well-known American Express Green Card – their

P4A: World Vision DANCE PARTY!!

ARE YOU READY FOR A P4A DANCE PARTY?? QUESTIONS! (answer these in the comments) 1. Who is your YouTube crush? 2. Favorite type of dinosaur? 3. Favorite 80s or 90s cartoon? Song lyrics by Kristina Horner Written and produced by Luke Conard Dancer #2: Liz *It was POURING rain when we filmed this. And if you look closely, you can see our breath. That’s how cold it was outside. That’s dedication, man. Thanks to the lovely and gorgeous and talented Eia Waltzer for the choreography. – Did you ever wonder where your money is going to when you donate it? Well, with World Vision you can choose your gift for a child or family. You can give goats, chickens, even DUCKS! You can reach out to earthquake and hurricane survivors, abandoned and exploited children, refugees, and communities devastated by AIDS in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Check out: There you can choose to sponsor a child, give families gifts like livestock and wells, or volunteer for projects all over the globe. Join the 3 million World Vision donors, supporters, and volunteers who work every day to decrease World Suck. – Thanks for checking out our video! Don’t forget to comment and rate the CRAP out it, and all the other ones you see around YouTube with similar thumbnails!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Yeaaaaah buddy!! MAC AIDS fund website – Go here to enter – all rules are on the contest website, please make sure you read them! Excellent Luck!!! Twitter: Facebook: Personal Channel: General Emails & requests: [email protected] Professional, business, or media inquires: [email protected]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park Safari Travel

4351709631 0f845c259a m Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park Safari Travel
by Smath.

The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s favourite travel destinations. Featuring dramatic savannah and forest scenery, the “Huge Five” animals, and a wealth of wildlife, the Kruger Park offers a unique safari experience under the African sun. A Kruger Park safari is an unforgettable experience for young and ancient, and gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate some of nature’s greatest wonders. It is no surprise that the Kruger National Park is a world-well-known wildlife destination, and ranked as one of Africa’s top safari destinations.

Mpumalanga is the northernmost province of South Africa, and a leading destination for safari travel. It is within the borders of this province that the Kruger Park is found. The park stretches across a massive area nearly two-million hectares in diameter. The region also houses the Sabi Sands game reserve and the Timbavati reserve. Whilst these are both private game reserves, the Kruger Park is a national reserve with some private parks within its borders.

The Kruger Park was established in 1898 as a sanctuary for protecting wildlife from extinction due to hunting. Today, the park is home to thousands of species, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and trees.

Mpumalaga safari travel can be loved at many luxurious game lodges in and around the Kruger National Park. The reserve was initially made for self-catering safari travel. But, modern safari lodges have made opulent settings in which guests can delight in the best South African safari experiences in luxury.

Enquire now about Mpumalanga and Kruger safari travel thoughts and packages.

The Huge Five

This well-known phrase refers to five animals found in Africa, and which are synonymous with authentic safari travel. They are the lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and buffalo. These animals are part of the ‘Huge Five’ because they were the animals that were most hard to hunt on foot, and they have been well-known since the earliest safaris in history. Whilst people no longer hunt these creatures, the fascination with these animals remains. The Huge Five are a must-see for anyone taking an Mpumalanga safari tour or Kruger Park safari.

Luxury Mpumalanga safari accommodation

5-Star accommodation available at the Kruger Park, and other Mpumalanga safari lodges, is the very definition of luxury. Much of the decor aims to recreate the mixture of colonial and African influences during the fantastic safari hunting excursions of the 1800s. Cuisine and facilities are top-class, and luxury amenities enable guests to unwind in serene settings away from the stresses of city life.

Delight in a relaxing bubble bath amid the untamed wilderness of the African savannah, as the setting sun lays delicate shadows across the landscape. Rejuvenate with various spa treatments on offer at selected game lodges. Unwind with refreshing sundowners and an evening game drive, before dining under the stars at a traditional “boma braai”, an African-style barbeque featuring traditional cuisine. Sample delicacies such as kudu casserole and marinated springbok steaks.

Game-viewing activities at the Kruger Park and other top Mpumalanga game reserves

Game lodges offer guests a range of activities in the Kruger National Park and other Mpumalanga game parks. Without a doubt, the number one activity among guests is morning and evening game drives. Open-topped 4×4 vehicles take guests off-road into the bush, as accompanying rangers track the location of the game to find the Huge Five and other exotic wildlife.

Guided bush walks and game-spotting from a “hide” (a type of game-viewing bunker) are also extremely well loved activities during Mpumalanga safari travel. These experiences, too, are led by a ranger, and are brilliant opportunities for viewing smaller game. The habitats of the larger animals should always be respected, and thus are not visited during bush walks.

Your luxury Kruger Park safari awaits

A visit to a luxury game lodge in Mpumulanga is an experience of a lifetime. It is no wonder that tourists from around the world flock to the Kruger National Park and other private reserves in South Africa:

World Aids Day


Stop AIDS-Keep the Promise Holiday Give -O-Way Open Now Holiday Give -O-Way Open Now Holiday Give -O-Way is open now on The television show host holds an annual holiday gift-giving extravaganza for readers of her O magazine. This year, for the first time ever, the 12 lucky winners will receive a selection of gifts presented on her Favorite Things show alongs with her personal picks. Prizes include designer
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Leslie Nielsen’s Departure, “The Walking Dead’s” Staggering Success, Cyber Monday Deals: What’s the Buzz
by Claudine Zap Our top picks from the day’s hottest searches. (Searches increased by 885%). Oprah’s spreading cheer with O Magazine’s second annual Give-O-Way (get it?). Readers can check the December issue for codes to enter to be one of 12 lucky winners . AMC “The Walking Dead” (+565%). Only one more episode in the season for the zombie-horror TV series that’s a runaway, or …
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Lieutenant Frank Drebin – Leslie Nelson

Frank Drebin is a fictional character of Police Squad! Collection and the Naked Gun films interpreted by Leslie Nielsen comedy legend. In 2008, Frank Drebin was selected by the magazine Empire as one of the a hundred finest motion pictures characters of all time. He was additionally appointed by as one of many a hundred finest heroes of all time.

Frank Drebin is a member of the brigade police, a particular Department of the police force, where he worked for many years. It is known for being a silly bumbling, causing many problems, often more than it solves, but is really alien to everything. Works together with the police, Captain Ed Hocken (Alan North and George Kennedy) and Norberg (Police Squad) (Peter Lupus) and Nordberg (Naked Gun collection) (O.J. Simpson) and the trio usually works as a team. He and Ted Olson (scientific) are the only characters that have appeared in both Police Squad! and The Naked Gun films and were described by the actor.

Comedy star Leslie Nielsen was best known for his later career “Naked Gun” and “Airplane!” and a fourth installment of “Naked Gun” parodies apparently was in the works when he died on Sunday on the age of eighty four, died of issues from pneumonia.

Nielsen was fifty four and effectively established amongst a whole bunch of modest movie and tv earlier than that he nearly unintentionally came upon “Airplane!”, which was launched in 1980 and launched one second unlikeliest, goofiest and giddiest races within the historical past of the trendy movie roles.

A satirical parody of gestures of disaster, “Airplane!” became a phenomenon of pop culture that generated a series of catch – many from Dr. Nielsen Rumack character phrases.

When someone mentioned, “absolutely, you can’t be severe”, Rumack answered: “after all I serious.” “And don’t name me Shirley”.

Nielsen deadpan strategy made it appear as a character that had wandered in another movie, speaking incessantly on absurd and never students.

When he was known as to provide an inspiring speech butchered the well-known Knute Rockne “Win one of many Adanes” speech, saying his listeners to “win one for the zippered.” sometime I do not know the place I will be subsequent, doc, but I don’t scent too excellent. “Two years later” Airplane!”performed the same function as Lieutenant Frank Drebin tv reveals”Police squad”.”

A joke which suffered from a two hour film not maintain in addition to a tv sequence, but six years which later resurrected Nielsen Drebin Lieutenant to a movie, “The Naked Gun,” which became another “Airplane!”-size of success and sequels from 1991 to 1994.

Nielsen was born in Canada and arrived in New York in the Nineteen Forties in a scholarship to the Neighborhood Playhouse. He also studied at the Actors Studio and landed his first position in an episode of “Studio One” 1948 attended also by Charlton Heston.

Appeared stay on television for years before breaking into film with the cult of 1956 classic “Forbidden Planet.”

Most of her roles were modest before “Airplane!” and that streak continued after “The Naked Gun”, the place his tasks embrace a satirical video collection referred to as “Perilous Golf Made Simpler.”

Buddies and partners of Nielsen stated yesterday all the time was recognized for his sense of humor out of digital camera, but that its top profile, traditional headed you for years severe characters.

Nielsen was married 4 times, and he is survived by sons.

He is also survived by the memory of Dr. Rumack, who said that a woman had to be taken to the hospital, causing a stewardess respond with alarm, “a hospital!” “What?”Is a large building with patients, said Dr. Rumack.” “But this is not essential now.”

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The Naked Gun – From the files of Police Squad! Starring: Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer George Kennedy as Captain Ed Hocken Ricardo Montalban as Vincent Ludwig OJ Simpson as Detective Nordberg
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Irvin Kershner, filmmaker of ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ dead at 87

Irvin Kershner & Billy Dee Williams at Adventure Con 2007
532598954 486e9182f9 Irvin Kershner, filmmaker of Empire Strikes Back, dead at 87
Image by pattie74_99
Irvin Kershner and Billy Dee Williams take their seats at an Adventure Con 2007 discussion in Knoxville, TN. Taken from way back in the audience without the flash, which is why it’s a bit blurry (6/2/07).

Irvin Kershner, filmmaker of ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ dead at 87
Filmmaker Irvin Kershner, who directed the 1980 Star Wars sequel “The Empire Strikes Back,” died Saturday in his home in Los Angeles, California, after a three-and-a-half-year battle with lung cancer. He was 87.
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Irvin Kershner dies at 87; film director
Irvin Kershner was best known for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ but was a director of ‘extraordinary versatility,’ said one movie critic. He directed more than 14 other feature films. Irvin Kershner, a versatile movie director best known for “The Empire Strikes Back,” the acclaimed 1980 sequel to George Lucas’ blockbuster ” Star Wars,” has died. He was 87.
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Awesome Project Is Awesome

In which John discusses the 2009 Project for Awesome and the future of nerdfighteria. Decreasing Worldsuck: Bobblehead Auction to benefit Malaria No More: Bobblehead Auction to benefit mycharitywater: So Jokes Cover Art to benefit the Nature Conservancy: The Original Disc Art to benefit the Nature Conservancy: FallofAutumnDistro will match your donations to Save the Music: Meekakitty will give to if she wins the Lashes to Riches contest. Vote for her by commenting and rating: Search “Project for Awesome” to find lots of fantastic nonprofit organizations and donate your time and money in this holiday season. And of course, as always, the “dooblydoo,” like so much else in this world that is excellent and gorgeous, was invented by the wheezywaiter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lastest Bear Gall Bladder Uses News

The Sad Fate of the Male of the Species
4850714333 8e44178094 Lastest Bear Gall Bladder Uses News
Image by Boogies with Fish…
As soon as we arrived up at the house at Blueblood on Sunday, my sharp-eyed mate, Mike Cassell told me of an impending natural event that I would not want to miss. He guided me to the front of the house where a large female spider had built her web. A small male on the make was cautiously walking around her. We watched him circle the female several times. The tension in the air was intense.

Here’s a shot of the hapless fellow checking the scene:

Well, we all know how this is going to end, don’t we? All except the poor male spider. This takes me back to high-school. I was that most unusual combination of a slightly geeky guy with a truly boss set of wheels. This confused the girls. I was called "cute" which is the last word a guy wants to hear in a verbal description of him. Oh, how they loved the car, an Austin Heally. Many a cruise finished with, "Thanks for the ride. You’re cute." Grrrrrrr . . . And no phone number.

My problems were a picnic compared the the nasty surprise that this small guy has in store.

Here he is chatting her up. His palps are quivering and his forelegs are vibrating like crazy. One can nearly detect the faint spider talk, "Hey baby, lookin’ for a excellent time?":

Sadly, nobody has told him that this is a very poor pick-up line for a male spider to use. The problem is that it implies dinner and there is only one item on the menu.

About this time I blew the lunch trumpet. Really. We have an ancient bugle there at the house.

During lunch we discussed matters of more import, specifically, how to get Eunie out of the country as quickly as possible down to Cairns for a thorough medical exam. I have chose, after much internal debate, that I’m going to go with her. We’re not expecting anything dramatic. It looks for the moment that the worst outcome might be to stick in one of those small clipper-snipper things through a hole the size of your pinkie and yank out her gall bladder. She is looking pretty yellow. Up until this morning I was still thinking that I would just be in the way and it costs a bundle and who’s going to take care of things here at the office and blah, blah, blah, one "reason" after the other to act "responsibly".

Then, this morning, I got my head screwed on straight. Where do you belong when your spouse is sick? Duh! I’m going to Cairns. Everything else can take care of itself. Hey, if I dropped dead in my chair right now, the world would go on, eh? (At least I reckon  it would, but that gets into a philosophical discussion for which I’m not prepared at the moment. Maybe later. It will be fun.)

Anyway, let’s get back to the drama of the spider and her unfortunate lover. (That would make a excellent title for a novel – The Unfortunate Lover.)  *

What we did not know was that the spider like fest had already reached its conclusion and the female was enjoying her  lunch:

Clicking on this will reveal a quite graphic view of the lady spider devouring her former mate.

Well, if I had the time today, I could do a few paragraphs of allegorical humor and anecdotal musings connecting this to the existential value of maleness. I mean, really, how many of us do you need? How huge do we need to be? Do we require brains at all? Should anyone care a whit what we reckon? Much of nature zips along quite nicely with none of the mess of males casting about for means to perpetuate their macho selves and fouling the air with testosterone fumes.

Food for another post.

There is a terrific potential bonfire stacked up on the beach. This spot attracts a lot of driftwood. We will probably start dragging it up on higher ground soon so that it can be well dried so that we can have have a huge fire at Christmas time. For a small stress relief, I chose to take a couple of pictures:

An fascinating thing in this shot is the green sand. The sand itself is not really green. It is covered by a thin film of algae.

As a tip of the hat to the possible discovery of US0,000,000 worth of Ansel Adams glass plate negatives (which I can’t wait to see!) I chose to do another shot in monochrome.

I reckon that I like it better.

*nbsp; There is a poem by Andrew Marvel bearing that title. After a couple of read-throughs, I chose that I didn’t know a single word. I did a small checking on the web. I don’t feel so terrible now, because it seems that nobody else understands it either. I’m feeling much better about my own poems now.

Bear Gall Bladder Uses Well loved Search Term But Illegal Activity
Bear Gall Bladder uses is being searched widely on the internet giving the impression that many are curious about the use of this organ. But, trafficking or killing the animals for organ parts is illegal and should be discouarged. The bear gall bladder has been used typically in ancient Chinese medicine. The bile stored in the bladder is said to cure several ailm
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Poaching of bear gallbladders used in traditional medicine increases
Bear gall bladder uses are mostly medical but what gall to abuse bears for their bladders
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Songs of Summer-part One

As summer winds down, let’s explore a two-part article series about songs with ‘Summer’ or ‘Summertime’ in the title:

Let’s start with the quintessential summer song by the Lovin’ Spoonful, the 1966 #1 hit called “Summer In The City.” The cut was originally a poem that was written by Lovin’ Spoonful’s band leader John Sebastian’s brother, Mark. John worked with the poem a bit and added a grittier beginning, one with more tension. Band member, bassist Steve Boone had a piece of music that was written for the piano that hadn’t fit into any other song that the group was doing at the time, but it fit perfectly with the new song.

”We hired an ancient man, obviously from the radio era, and he had ancient acetates of traffic jams and car horns,” recalls John Sebastain. “We listened for hours to various traffic jams and car horns and selected the ones we wanted. We found a pneumatic hammer…to provide the payoff for that selection and place it all together.”

In 1964, John Sebastian was excited by the Beatles and their music and was inspired to place his own four-man band together. While he was traveling through the south, he met folk artist Mississippi John Hurt. One of Hurt’s songs included the line, “I like my baby by the lovin’ spoonful” and the name of the group was set. The band went on to score many other Top Ten Billboard hits including: “Do You Believe In Magic” (#9 in 1965), “You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice” (#10 in 1965), “Daydream” (#2 in 1966), “Rain On The Roof” (# 10 in 1966) and “Nashville Cats,” which peaked at #8 in 1966.

One of the world’s most recognizable ‘summer’ songs is a 1970’s cut called “In The Summertime,” by the British pop-blues outfit Mungo Jerry. The band name was derived from a character from T.S. Eliot’s Ancient Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (which was later adapted and made into the musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber). It was the group’s first hit single, reaching #3 on the US Billboard charts and the song reached the top position on the charts in several other countries; including an astonishing seven-week stay atop the British charts. The record sold over 16 million copies worldwide and was Britain’s largest-selling single in 1970.

Fascinatingly, the UK release (Dawn records) was a maxi-single which played at 33rpm instead of the usual 45rpm. The record also included another song on the A side (“Mighty Man) and a much longer track on the B side (“Dust Pneumonia Blues”). It also came with a fantastic picture sleeve and sold for just a small bit more than a regular 45 rpm, making it an brilliant value for the music consumer at the time.

In 1995, Jamaican-American reggae singer Shaggy covered the song (UK #5 U.S #3) but he changed one line of the song to reflect modern-day values and common sense. In the original version, the lyrics encouraged people to “have a drink, have a drive…” while Shaggy’s version says “I’m going to ride and drive …” This part of the original recording was also used in 1992 on graphic British TV public service advertisements warning viewers not to drink and drive. The song has also been recorded by Elton John and Bob Dylan.

”In The Summertime” was written by Ray Dorset, who was the group’s lead singer and was already a veteran performer when he formed Mungo Jerry in 1969. His first band, the Blue Moon Skiffle Group, featuring Phil Collins on drums, was formed when he was eleven years ancient. The song was used regularly in many different commercials and has become one of the world’s most recognizable songs. Many years later, it became the world’s most-played radio song and one of the most successful summer songs ever, with an estimated 23 million copies sold.

Another instantly recognizable summer song is the psychedelic-funk number by Sly & the Family Stone called “Hot Fun in the Summertime.” The song was released in 1969 shortly after Woodstock, where the band performed a memorable set, and it capitalized on their popularity, reaching #2 on the US pop charts and #3 on the R&B chart.

Listening to the song, it is dedicated to all the fun elements of the summer, but, if studied further, may have served as a commentary on the race riots of the late-1960s; depending on one’s opinion. “Hot Fun in the Summertime” was intended to be included with the cuts “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” and “Everybody Is A Star” as part of a new studio album by Sly and the Family Stone, but, the LP was never completed, and the three tracks were instead included on the band’s 1970 Greatest Hits LP.

The song was cited by Genesis vocalist and drummer Phil Collins as one of the musical inspirations for the cut “Misunderstanding.” Additionally, Rolling Stone Magazine ranks it at #247 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

If you were around in 1972, you can’t help but remember the cut “Summer Breeze,” by the pop singing duo of Jim Seals and Dash Crofts. The song was Seals & Crofts’ first charting single, reaching #6 on the US pop singles chart and #4 on the simple listening charts. Their main claim up until this point was joining up with the Champs (who released the Latin-tinged instrumental “Tequila”) in 1958. They went on to release several 70’s pop-rock gems including 1973’s “Diamond Girl” and 1976’s “Get Closer.”

In 1974, the cut was covered by the Isley Brothers where it only reached #60 on the pop singles chart, but topped out at #10 on the R&B singles chart and #16 on the UK singles chart. The Isley Brothers’ version is notable for the harmonies of the three vocals by brothers O’Kelly, Rudolph and lead singer Ronald, and for the guitar solo by younger brother Ernie. A remixed and updated version called “Summer Breeze (Tsuper Tsunami Mix),” was featured in two commercials by clothing retailer Gap which starred models Bridget Hall and Jessica Miller in 2004.

”Summer Breeze” has also been recorded and covered by an eclectic array of artists including George Benson & Al Jarreau (collaboration), the Three Tenors (in concert during their 1996 farewell performance at the Coach and Horses Tavern in Windsor, Ontario), the Main Ingredient, Ramsey Lewis, and by Gothic-metal band Type O Negative during the opening credits of the 1997 horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer, among others.

We will continue our look at some well loved ‘summer’ or ‘summer time’ songs in part two of this article series.

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Flavours Of Dubai – Sports

Dubai’s rise to prominence as an international city has radically transformed the sports arena in this city state. Way back in the 1980’s the most well loved sports in Dubai were camel racing and football but with rising disposable incomes the tastes and preferences of its denizens have undergone a radical change. Horse racing,tennis, golf and skiing have now taken precedence and camel racing has been relegated to the background. Another reason which can be ascribed to this transformation is the increasing influx of expatriates into the emirate owing to its sky-rocketing popularity in the international business arena. The classic

Lastest Radio Caraibes News

Haiti candidates want polls annulled, cite “fraud”
Twelve out of Haiti’s 18 presidential candidates denounced “massive fraud” in elections on Sunday and demanded the vote be canceled, dealing a serious blow to the credibility of the United Nations-supported polls.
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Mad voters protest Haiti polls delays
Frustrated voters in Haiti protested at defective electoral lists and disorganized polling stations yesterday as the country held turbulent elections amid a raging cholera epidemic and political tensions
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Mad voters protest Haiti polls delays, confusion
Frustrated voters in Haiti protested at defective electoral lists and disorganized polling stations on Sunday as the country held turbulent elections amid a raging cholera epidemic and political tensions.
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Playing Chess With the Devil: Making Sense of the Most Popular Book In the World. Genesis 12-22. The Covenant With Abraham. Lesson 7

The Importance of Abraham

You are now approaching one of the most vital sections of Scripture there is as far as interpretation of the Bible is concerned. Genesis 12-22 is absolutely key for understanding much of the rest of the Bible. Romans, Galatians, and parts of Hebrews are directly linked to these chapters. Without some kind of knowledge of Genesis – and Abraham in particular – much of the Bible is not going to make any sense. Furthermore, Genesis 12-22 presents the first major fork in the road for Biblical interpretation that will determine many things for a believer from this point on. It will sway one on which group of Christians he is likely to associate with, what churches he is likely to attend, what denominations he will likely join, and all kinds of emphases that will attract his attention, such as prophecy and his view on the nation of Israel, for example. In addition, one of the most dramatic periods of revelation in the history of redemption was about to start. In the next 200 years, the Lord gave a ton of information about Eve’s Avenger and His identity.

Christ Primary in Genesis 12-22

After His resurrection In Luke 24:13-27, Jesus appeared on the road to Emmaus and walked unrecognized with His disciples who were discussing all the events that had happened primarily in the previous week. Jesus questioned them what they were talking about, and they were astounded that He had not heard about these events. When he questioned them “What things?”, they told Him about the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, his crucifixion, the disappearance of His body and the reported appearance of angels at his tomb that very morning.

Lastest Ernest Borgnine News

Cold, mostly sunny day ahead in Portland, with the slimmest chance of Thanksgiving snows
Ernest Borgnine. The Poseidon Adventures. What more incentives do you need to read this weather post? Other than the 34 degree temperatures on Wednesday and the overnight low of 27.
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Ongoing movies
Due DateCritic’s rating: 21?2 starsRated: R for language, drug use and sexuality.Length: 1 hr., 40 min.Stars: Robert Downey Jr. , Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan , Jamie Foxx and Juliette Lewis .High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child’s birth on time. Honest GameCritic’s rating: 3 …
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