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Prince William and Kate Middleton engaged

Of course, the tale that is dominating the press right now is the news that Prince William and his long time beau Kate Middleton are engaged. How lovely.

There’s nothing quite like a Royal engagement to lift the mood of the country, especially given the miserable weather we’re having. I just wonder if we’ll all be given an extra day off work to celebrate their wedding?!

This Royal proposal was said to have taken place in Northern Africa on Lewa Conservancy, and specifically at Cheli & Peacock’s Lewa Safari Camp.

Romantics and honeymooners can follow Prince William and Kate Middleton to Kenya, and stay at Cheli & Peacock’s Lewa Safari Camp on the Lewa Conservancy. In doing so, they will greatly assisting the local community, as the camp prides itself on its not-for-profit status re-investing all the profits generated from tourism into its core programmes like its support of 11 locally based primary schools.

Key highlights of a stay here include:

* 12 en-suite tents & 1 family house
* Daily Air Kenya & Safarilink flights
* Brilliant game on the 65,000 acre wildlife conservancy of the Lewa Wilderness Trust
* Home to 10% of Kenya’s black rhino, and the single largest population of Grevy’s zebra in the world
* Previously made well-known in the National Geographic programme “Game Ranger’s Diaries”

Activities at this environmentally friendly camp include:

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Prince William County, Virginia’s immigration policy is

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Supreme Court of Virginia


The wife brought suit for divorce. The bills alleged that the wife resided in Prince William County, that the husband presently resided in Louisa County, and that the parties last cohabited in Prince William County and were the owners of real property in that County. The husband filed an answer admitting the allegations of the wife’s bill in those respects, but denied other allegations and prayed that a divorce be granted to him. The trial court ruled that the parties last cohabited as man and wife in Louisa County, that the husband was a resident of Louisa County, and that jurisdiction did not lie in Prince William County. It dismissed the wife’s application for divorce.

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Prince Charles sings ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’

If for whatever reason you don’t know what’s going on here, here goes: Prince Charles is next in line for the English throne after the Queen, only the Queen is seemingly immortal. Prince Charles has been the longest Prince of Wales (ie waiting to be King) ever. And after all that, Prince William is probably gonna get it now anyway muahahah Unlucky…. As ever, there are lots of hidden things all over the place in this video. For spotting them all, this time you win an inflatable giraffe. (Disclaimer: no inflatable animals will be given out :P) (Something weird happened while I was converting it from a swf – that’s why it goes a bit amusing every now and again. If you didn’t notice, then excellent! *perfectionist*) Follow me on Twitter: Pleased New Year!Honours: #7 Most Discussed (Today) 27/12/2009 Most Discussed (Today) – Global 27/12/2009 #1 Most Discussed (Today) – Film & Animation 27/12/2009 #3 Most Discussed (Today) – Film & Animation – Global 27/12/2009 Most Discussed (This Week) 27/12/2009 – 3/01/2010 #1 Most Discussed (This Week) – Film & Animation 27/12/2009 – 3/01/2010 Most Discussed (This Week) – Film & Animation – Global 27/12/2009 – 3/01/2010 #5 Most Discussed (This Month) – Film & Animation Dec – Jan 2009/10 Most Discussed (This Month) – Film & Animation – Global Dec – Jan 2009/10 Most Viewed (Today) – Film & Animation – Canada 27/12/2009 Most Viewed (Today) – Film & Animation 27/12/2009 Most Viewed (Today) – Film & Animation – Ireland 27/12/2009 Most
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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