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Compensatory Hyperhidrosis

A compensatory hyperhidrosis is the phenomenon which can arise after performance of endoscopic sympathectomies. In struggle against a hyperhidrosis of feet, axillas or palms people quite often address to a sympathectomy

Local Treatment Of A Hyperhidrosis

Local treatment of a hyperhidrosis is method of surgical treatment which is carried out in the area of the strengthened diaphoresis. It is possible to tell that local methods is a step between conservative treatment and a sympathectomy (the central methods). Before to speak about local methods, it is necessary to address to the previous stage of treatment

Safe Hyperhidrosis Treatment.

Before to tell you about methods of hyperhidrosis treatments, it is necessary to know how the person who is suffering with a hyperhidrosis should struggle with this illness daily. The hyperhidrosis is the strengthened diaphoresis, it can local (feet, axillas, palms) and the general, and as primary (arising in itself) and secondary (arising as consequence of illnesses, for example, diabetes, disturbances of endocrine system, disturbances of work of heart). For work of sweat glands the sympathetic nervous system which is being a part of vegetative nervous system is responsible for those functions which cannot supervise itself (for example, expansion of pupils, heart beat, and so on).

Every day the person who is suffering with a hyperhidrosis su by any form turns to constant stress: and the stress “forces” sweat glands to work more strongly and provokes allocation of larger quantity of sweat, – a life as if a vicious circle

Hyperhidrosis Types And Forms

The hyperhidrosis is the strengthened diaphoresis, as well as many other illnesses it has it versions. The hyperhidrosis can be primary and secondary: the primary hyperhidrosis arises at children and teenagers, and secondary arises as consequence of neurologic diseases. For a diaphoresis in a human body answers the sympathetic nervous system which is a part of vegetative nervous system which, in turn, together with parasympathetic nervous system regulates activity of an internal and a metabolism in an organism. The vegetative nervous system is responsible for those functions which the person cannot supervise: palpitation, pulse and so on. Just the sympathetic nervous system is a part vegetative, also regulates a diaphoresis.

Hyperhidrosis is pathological illness which seriously influences quality of human life. The diaphoresis is observed at some nervous illnesses, at tuberculosis, endocrine diseases, adiposity and diabetes. The local augmentation of a diaphoresis is observed on palms, face, feet, under mice and the local raised sweating depends on excitability of nervous system. There can be various hyperhidrosis kinds. The raised sweating seriously breaks quality of human life.

There are:

* the Palmar hyperhidrosis is the raised sweating of the palms, it is one of the most unpleasant forms of a hyperhidrosis which delivers difficulties at dialogue: hand shake becomes simply impossible, one thought on it plunges the person with a problem of a palmar hyperhidrosis into a nervous condition.

And, as it has been told above, the nervous system is responsible for a diaphoresis, thus, even the slightest excitement can “make” palms wet. Sometimes the palmar hyperhidrosis becomes so strong that to play billiards or bowling the person, unfortunately cannot as the subjects slip out at it arms;

* Axillary hyperdrosis is one of forms of a hyperhidrosis which as is not illness as that, but makes the negative impact on human life. The axillary diaphoresis, as well as any other kind of a hyperhidrosis, amplifies at excitement: wet spots and staining on the clothes, unpleasant smell and so on. The hyperhidrosis problem brings into human life only negative influence.

* the Hyperhidrosis of feet differs with especially unpleasant smell: cases when the sweating of feet was so strong are fixed that at walking from boots characteristic “squelch” reached;

* the General raised sweating is the hyperhidrosis form at which it is necessary to address to the doctor therefore as this problem can be a consequence of serious illness (tuberculosis, diabetes and so on);

* the Problem of a sweating of the face often arises because of the use of acute or hot nutrition;

All kinds of a hyperhidrosis are treated by conservative and surgical methods. Among conservative methods maintenance are: hygiene of a body, warm trays for problem zones, deodorants and a cream, but these methods help not always, therefore frequently people with similar problems address to the surgical treatment.

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Hyperdrosis And A Face Reddening: What Is The Blushing-syndrome?

Hyperdrosis and a face reddening: What is the blushing-syndrome?

The face reddening is a blushing-syndrome or another name of an illness

Surgical Treatment Of A Hyperhidrosis

Surgical treatment of a hyperhidrosis

The surgery is the branch of medicine studying diseases; the basic method of treatment is a mechanical intervention in pathological process, both developing operative methods and receptions of treatment of these diseases.

The modern surgery demands from the surgeon not only skillful possession of operating techniques, but also profound knowledge of those biological and special disciplines on which the modern medicine is constructed. Successes of surgery of last decades, bound to working out of new operative receptions and approaches to a remote internal, have extremely dilated surgery area. A hyperhidrosis is the strengthened diaphoresis and a problem which can be solved by means of surgery.

Hyperhidrosis treatment by surgical way is an extreme measure; therefore it is necessary to resort to it in the event that you have tried all possible methods of conservative treatment: antiperspirants, deodorants, tablets, an iontophoresis, and injections of Botox

For the first time surgical treatment of a hyperhidrosis has been applied in Austria in 1946. For today the large quantity of methods of a surgical intervention for disposal of a hyperhidrosis is well known.

Surgical methods of treatment of a hyperhidrosis section on:

* central (sympathectomy)

* local operations.

Under local methods mean a liposuction of the axillary zone, the closed curettage of an axillary zone and as excising of a skin of an axillary zone, and to any of these methods it is possible to resort without especial dread therefore as the by-effect is minimum. The purpose of local methods is to reduce quantity of sweat glands that promotes diaphoresis depression. Operations are carried out through small punctures then do not remain cosmetic defects. 90 % of patients to which has performed similar operation are completely released from a hyperhidrosis problem, and from an unpleasant smell of sweat.

As a sympathectomy has its versions, such as: traditional operations, (a thoracal and cervical sympathectomy), the newest is an endoscopic sympathectomy (a destruction or cliping of a sympathetic trunk). It is necessary to concern a sympathectomy with all gravity: the by-effect can be expressed in development of a compensatory hyperhidrosis: in a number of the countries the sympathectomy is forbidden until all methods of conservative treatment will be used. Operation gives the guaranteed effect practically at all patients, and this effect remains eventually.

Surgical treatment of a hyperhidrosis is unique methods which will allow you to forget about a problem of the raised diaphoresis for ever. Certainly, it is necessary to concern surgical operations of this kind with a fantastic attention and gravity, but but, not with the least attention you would concern and any other operation, so you should be really careful and make the right choice of treatment of hyperdrosis.

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Endoscopic sympathectomy:

Hyperhidrosis is a problem which is found out not by many people, but the raised diaphoresis is an illness which is capable to spoil not only public life, but also career, and private life of the person. As it is known hyperhidrosis section on local when certain parts of a body (an axilla, a palm, foot) and the general sweating. People with a hyperhidrosis and feel: constant stress, depression, sensation of “imperfection”, desire to disappear from curious eyes and evil tongues.

Originally the hyperhidrosis is exposed to conservative treatment: deodorants, pills, and injections of Botox, hygienic care of a body and help of the psychologist. If the local surgical method (a liposuction of the axillary zone, the closed curettage of an axillary zone and as excising of a skin of an axillary zone), it is necessary to try to resort to it before performance of surgical methods. The purpose of local methods is to reduce quantity of sweat glands that promotes diaphoresis depression, disposal of an unpleasant smell of sweat. Local methods much more safely give long-term effect in 90 % of cases, but, happens and so that neither the curettage nor a liposuction do not help at all.

The Hyperhidrosis Reasons

Hyperhidrosis is the raised sweating. Sweaty palms, feet, axillary departments, a characteristic nasty smell

The Raised Sweating – Symptoms And Diagnostics

The raised sweating in medicine designate the term a hyperhidrosis:

The Raised Diaphoresis

Sweating is the raised diaphoresis: the scientific name of illness is a hyperhidrosis. The sweating arises in usual conditions at a physical strain, at people from very erethitic nervous system the sweating appears even at insignificant sincere excitement. The sweating can be accompanied by some diseases of nervous system and as it can be observed at insufficient hygienic care of a body.

Along with the general sweating often there are people, suffering the local, limited sweating when only certain sites of a body strongly sweat: palms, soles, axillary hollows and so on. The sweating contributes to cold, promotes occurrence of an attrition of a skin, loosening an external layer of a skin, facilitates introduction of originators of pustulous diseases of a skin and pathogenic funguses. The person sweats because of an exercise stress, strong nervous worries, from the use of acute or hot nutrition, in a heat, also people suffer with the adiposity, sick of tuberculosis, people with disturbances of work of heart and cardiovascular system, disease of kidneys and endocrine system also sweat.

Sweat is a liquid allocated with sweat glands and contains 97,5

Why Do People Sweat?

Some people complex because an hideous nose, ears, others because of figure disadvantages. But nothing can be compared with when the person decently dressed, and look nice terribly smells. In this case all your confidence and calmness vanish, you are constantly nervous, worry that has not passed also hour as you left the house, and already dreadfully smell

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How To Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating

The raised sweating of axillas (hyperhidrosis) is a serious problem. The hyperhidrosis is shown by superfluous allocation of sweat. The hyperhidrosis reason is: disturbances in work of the nervous terminations which are in district of axillas. Failure in work of the nervous terminations leads to a fake signal on sweat allocation that leads to continuous sweating.

The hyperhidrosis sometimes causes external factors, such as anxiety, stress. 1 % of the population is ill with a hyperhidrosis. People who are suffering with a hyperhidrosis, feel serious discomfort.

Sweating of axillas, hyperhidrosis treatment:

How to get rid of sweating? What agent from a sweating of axillas is the most effective? Treatment of sweating by folk remedies is ineffectiv. The hyperhidrosis of axillas is very well eliminated on apparatus Smartlipo (Italy). The raised sweating of axillas on apparatus Smartlipo (Italy) is eliminated without operation, without a pain and for ever!

Technique of treatment of a hyperhidrosis:

Treatment of a hyperhidrosis by means of the given technique does not do overheating of tissues, there are no hematomas, thus laser influence owing to the feature, sterilizes processing area. No other agents from a sweating will be compared by efficiency to treatment by the laser.

The sweating of axillas is eliminated because the laser is blasted sweat glands. Sweating treatment occupies 1 procedure and passes without any complications. At procedure 1 small puncture for input of a thin light guide is needed only. The puncture heals without a trace.

If you for want for ever to forget about sweating of axillas, treatment of a hyperhidrosis of axillas by the laser as the agent from a sweating of axillas has conclusive advantages with other techniques:

* Local anesthesia

* it is safe, there are no complications
* Quickly, procedure occupies 15-30 minutes

* it is enough one procedure, unlike treatment by botulotoxin

* After procedure the patient comes back at once to a usual way of life

* Improvement of a tonus of a skin

* After treatment of axillas you won

Hyperhidrosis – The Raised Sweating

The name “hyperhidrosis” occurs from a combination of two Latin words:

Why Do We Sweat: Structure Of Sweat Glands?

Sweat glands (glandulae sudoriferae) are under a skin, in deep layers of a skin and, certainly, on all surface of a body. Especially a considerable quantity sweat glands is located on a skin of palms and soles, a forehead, axillary hollows. An exception is the red border of labiums and some parts of genitals.

In a human body contains two kinds of sweat glands: ecrine (small) and apocrine (huge). The difference between these two kinds of sweat glands consists in their functioning.

On a surface of a skin sweat is deduced through lead-out ducts.

Maturing sweat glands starts even in pre-natal development with 3rd month of pregnancy. Germs ecrine sweat glands start to develop from an ectodermal tissue of an embryo.

Apocrine glands

Apocrine (or huge) sweat glands have the lead-out ducts running in a hair follicle. The structure of secretory part of huge sweat glands includes fibers and fats.

Apocrine glands

Apocrine glands in a considerable quantity are located in axillary hollows, paraumbilical area of a stomach, a peripapillary circle, external acoustical passage, genital body areas.

Ecrine glands

Ecrine or as them still call, small sweat glands are placed on all surface of a skin of the person. Therefore the diaphoresis is observed on all body, except sites of a red border of labiums and genitals.

Ecrine glands

The structure of a secretory part of ecrine sweat glands generated in the form of a glomulus, includes 99 % of water of the dissolved molecules and electrolytes Sodium chloride.

The main functions of sweat glands:

Right functionality of sweat glands is very vital for a human body as plays an vital role in processes of a thermoregulation and deducing of toxins and other harmful substances

Ecrine sweat glands are responsible for a thermoregulation, i.e. stable maintenance of body temperature and a conclusion of toxins and other substances. It resists skin

Fighting With Excessive Sweating

Ancient Romans at the meeting of any acquainted person questioned not traditional greeting

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