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Top 10 Tips for Server and Storage Virtualisation

Server and Storage virtualisation often coincides with consolidation projects to reduce infrastructure and IT management costs. The underlying objective is to use IT infrastructure to its maximum, to improve performance and to introduce total flexibility as to when and where the business needs to have resources available.

If you are plotting a project involving virtualisation the tips below will help you to reap the benefits of virtual services.

1. Identify your business need
In the current economic climate IT Director’s are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs while still ensuring that flexibility, service delivery levels, and business efficiency continue to improve. Considerable time, effort, and capital need to be invested to achieve this.

More and more businesses are turning to virtualisation services to maximise the return from their investment in computing systems, improve performance and to introduce total flexibility as to when and where the business needs to have resources available.

Virtualisation promises the opportunity for organisations of all sizes to deliver tangible business benefits.

2. Know the benefits
When considering virtualisation, it’s vital to know just how beneficial the features will be to your organisation.

Virtualisation offers the opportunity to: – Reduce the number of servers, storage arrays and other system devices
– Improve utilisation of IT resources
– Respond quicker to required business change
– Have more consistent and predictable operations
– Enable scalable and flexible solutions
– Increase system availability
– Reduce carbon footprint

3. Be clear on what virtualisation encompasses
The underlying objective of virtualisation is to gain better utilisation of all system resources.

There are four main levels of virtualisation:
Server virtualisation
Storage virtualisation
– Application virtualisation
– Network virtualisation

4. Know the benefits of Server Virtualisation
Server virtualisation offers you the opportunity to run multiple operating systems on a single physical server. It enables you to drastically reduce the number of physical servers in your organisation; and by sharing the processing power the costs of powering and monitoring multiple servers are reduced.

5. Know the benefits of Storage Virtualisation
Storage virtualisation enables data to be deployed in a single pool of data, accessible by a virtualised server farm. The storage capacity is adjusted to meet actual demand at any given time. Proactively managed by the IT team, disk space can be fully utilised without wastage. You can access the storage you need on demand with this fully flexible service.

6. Know the benefits of Application Virtualisation
Application virtualisation dramatically reduces the number of physical servers and desktop PCs in any organisation by enabling multiple applications to be run on a single machine, or a reduced number of servers, contained within a dedicated server farm. Applications share system resources such as operating system, memory and processing power, with workloads balanced to ensure optimum performance.

7. Understanding the benefits of Network Virtualisation
Network virtualisation uses technologies to deliver multiple discreet customer services across a shared platform. This enables you to get the most out of your resources by using a secure virtual network, that can deliver your services further, quicker for less. Huge investments have been made in UK wide, high bandwidth networks, such as BT’s 21CN, enabling more customers better return on in investment in their networks.

8. Keeping your business fully operational
Virtualisation enables organisations to be better prepared for business continuity. The loss of a service, for any length of time can lead to loss of business or increased costs.

In a virtualised world, the application can be reassigned to another server on the same site or at a remote site and the information can be accessed immediately without loss of transactions; keeping systems continuously operational.

9. Improve Business Flexibility
Virtualisation allows you to get more from your infrastructure; replacing the rigid, high cost, high power consuming aspects of physical hardware, with the flexible, scalable and high availability properties of virtualisation.

Virtualisation provides a flexible platform for testing and development, with the simple deployment of extra virtual servers. It also enables you to respond quicker to business change. Extra virtual servers can be easily added allowing businesses to grow and change without delay and extra resources are available when you need them, on demand.

Virtualisation is a truly flexible solution for any business.

10. Improve return on investment
The requirement for large capital investment in hardware, and the associated costs of cooling, powering and monitoring are removed.

There are no hidden costs, no nasty shocks. By paying only for the resources you use your IT costs are more predictable and greatly reduced as a whole.

Virtualisation allows you to do more with less, giving you the best return on investment in your IT infrastructure.

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The introduction movie to the game Dungeon Keeper which had me hooked through most of my early teenage years. *Edit* Woah, this video was the first result for “Dungeon Keeper” on Google! ***FAQ:*** *RUNNING THE GAME ON WINDOWS XP OR VISTA* For those of you having distress playing Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 on Windows XP and Vista; I recommend either running it in “Compatibility Mode” (right click executable, select “Properties”, select “Compatibility” tab, tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select “Windows 95” or “Windows 98” from the list), or try running the game through DosBox ( which is a free, perfectly legal DOS emulator. Unfortunately this does not work for everybody. Some people have claimed they can get the game working on a virtual PC running an older release of Windows (eg Windows 98). If you want to try this, search Google for “Sun VirtualBox” which is a free virtualisation program. Some people can get Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 to work just fine without any changes; others cannot get the games to work at all, no matter what they do. As a last resort, I recommend throwing twenty imps into your temple to appease the dark gods and hope that they reward you with a working copy of the game. *WHERE IS DUNGEON KEEPER 3?* Bullfrog went under years ago.You can read about the company’s history on Wikipedia ( Bullfrog was absorbed by EA, who have never stated they will continue the franchise. No one

Boise State-Nevada Game Trax

Boise State-Nevada Game Trax
Nevada ends Boise State’s BCS title hopes with memorable OT upset.
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Reno columnist: Boise State-Nevada is ‘largest sporting event in Reno since … 1910’
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Boise State-Nevada game takes back seat for WAC’s Benson
With Boise State and Nevada clashing tonight in arguably thebiggest Western Athletic Conference game in the past 10 years,you’d reckon WAC commissioner Karl Benson would be pleased.
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Top 5 Tips on How to Look Like Those Shirtless Male Celebrities

4957534160 99ae69c4ee m Top 5 Tips on How to Look Like Those Shirtless Male Celebrities
by zen

Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake, what do these people all have in common: they are all male, excellent looking, well-known, but most of all, they are pictures of these people shirtless. Male celebrities, just like their female counterparts, are equally objectified as objects of sexual desire. And whatever a woman might say, they all find well built bodies attractive. Once I knew this girl who said she despised those over muscular macho types. She finds them scary. Now this is also right. A lot of girls in some cultures find muscular men to be scary, as if they might get too roughed up in sex. So does this mean that not all women life muscles? I don

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REAL LIFE MONSTER!! (9.22.10 – Day 510)

Watch one of my dad’s ancient music videos: Thanks to DaveDays for re-recording the outro! Tell him thanks when you get a chance: ***OTHER AWESOME STUFF*** We’re on twitter (duhhhh) hehe: Join Us On FACEBOOK: Our Personal channels: Our website: *************************** stuff to ignore charlestrippy alli zoey marley ctfxc internet killed tv television karma cute puppy hot florida girl travel canon google skynet weight loss exercise itunes prank every time die hardcore iphone hdr game center ios 4.1 zelda we the kings polar bear ferrari car racing real life world of warcraft film festival tampa skyway avenue live music video mcdonalds pleased meal fail batman toy celebrity celeb zombie falling whistles cookie thief bloody knife gregg allman band mothra
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nice Freddie Mercury photos

A few nice Freddie Mercury images I found:

Brian May at Freddie Mercury’s 60th
236079587 c05c9bf452 Nice Freddie Mercury photos
Image by StuBramley
Brian May performing ‘Like of My Life’ at Freddie Mercury’s 60th Birthday Party – We Will Rock You, Dominion Theatre, London

See where this picture was taken. [?]

This picture has a soundtrack tag (look over there ->)

For this to do anything, you need Greasemonkey and my Flickr Soundtrack userscript

Freddie Mercury – Queen
79963868 fbfc3f464b Nice Freddie Mercury photos
Image by Orange_Beard

Favourite Celebrity Quote no.884 – Freddie Mercury
3324818449 146288acab Nice Freddie Mercury photos
Image by id-iom
Title: Favourite Celebrity Quote no.884 – Freddie Mercury
Media: Hand cut stencil, spraypaint and marker pen on piece of cardboard

Used in street drop on Tottenham Court Road –

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Miley Cyrus Birthday – Find Miley Cyrus Birthday

202419301 986161831f m Miley Cyrus Birthday   Find Miley Cyrus Birthday
by se

Rock Band Two Of Nintendo Wii

Well, at some point or another, we

Availability Of Nintendo Wii

For sure, the availability of Nintendo Wii has surely be quite problematic for a huge number of people, thus giving that unique level of requirement and demand for that game console from the moment of the release.

In fact, the availability of Nintendo Wii has really been nothing small of that gloomy round of the vacation season. And so when one of those folks from your shopping list was really desiring this Wii, then they may just end up being truly disappointed. Well, Nintendo has obviously tried to keep pace with this certain clamor for that gaming system; but, it

Nintendo Wii Skins

In fact, if we really talk about those Nintendo Wii skins, there is a huge number of different designs which are really available in the modern market for all clients to select only the best from. Besides, there is some certain trying out for providing you a small list of some of the most well loved and widespread Nintendo Wii skins. For sure, we truly suggest you to certainly browse through the numerous web sites for having much better thought and also check out numerous and various Nintendo skins that are showed. Well, by surfing through those web sites, you are going to get to really know about these various skins and will be able to opt just the right and the best one for your own Nintendo DS device.

Without any doubt, different moods and celebrations are really showed by a huge number of well loved and well-known designers that have obviously especially made for the Nintendo skins. And so one of those celebrations certainly depicts the birthday party. Besides, with those Nintendo skins you are really able to get that feeling of the birthday party all year and every single day. Moreover, there is a huge number of different colors that are utilized with numerous stars on these Nintendo skins. For instance, such colors as blue, green, purple and red in the original bright shade are obviously splattered over this white back ground.

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For sure, for that ladies which are so elegant and soft, these days it is quite possible to all the time have only spring time in the Nintendo DS with a help of Nintendo skins. But you may certainly need to protect your personal computer from these bees that might really reckon that the right vivid flowers in orange, purple, yellow and teal are real flowers. Thus it surely looks just like spring all year long. Besides, for those individuals that really prefer blue and only one flower, they are able to go for those incredible and wonderful Nintendo Wii skins which comes just in the same blue.

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Several Secrets Of Copying The Wii Games

Well, quite highly addictive, a huge number of funs and also best done in the dark room. For sure, it really sounds just like something very dirty; but, that is certainly a world of the Wii fanatic. In fact, ever from the moment when Nintendo really launched this Wii game console, our modern world of gaming has truly been turned up side down. Besides, even some of the hard core fans of Play Station just like me certainly made that leap over to the much lighter side of video gaming.

And so if you are really so passionate concerning the Wii games like I am, probably then you are aware how particularly expensive that kind of leisure activity can truly be. Moreover, apart from the game console, the Wii accessories and games can certainly run into the huge amount of money. Besides, if you are really a parent, then you better be very careful what exactly you unleash at that time when you are buying your first Wii game. In fact, it is likely to be ten or even more of the Wii games over one year.

Without any doubt, there is one quite controversial issue concerning these Wii video games

The New Wii Game

Well, I

Process Of Copying Your Wii Discs

For sure, a huge number of Nintendo Wii owners quite often wonder whether it is really possible to copy some Wii disc just according to the fact that they only want to keep their valuable video games away in some safe and secure place with no worrying concerning all those very expensive original Wii discs that are really getting hurt or scratched. And so by making a copy of all their Wii games, that certainly means that every time when those backed up copies truly becomes hurt or scratched, they are surely able to burn themselves off very quick one more copy instead of necessity to have to part with some amount of their hard earned money one more time. Well, in this topic I

Discover High Rated Yoruba Actress

Funke Adesiyan:

Funke Adesiyan is one of the gorgeous ladies, is Yoruba movie industry blessed.

Baby Thomas:

Bimbo Thomas has a lot going for him. Dark-skinned actress who has the ability to take care of his reputation as a heavy, like partying and I do not miss.

Ronke Odusanya:

Ronks has a lot going for her and has kept a low profile. He is linked FUJI music star, Pasuma. But there are strong indications that he had a serious relationship with a boy abroad.

Anita Julius:

Gorgeous Edo State born actor joined the film industry a few years ago and since then has always been a dream for many a girl with the huge boys in town.
Anita has a lot going for her, she cruises around the city’s newest cars.

Bisi Ibidapo-to:

Bisi Ibidapo OBE is doubtful gorgeous actress Yoruba movie industry. Tall, honest-skinned, well-shaped stopper actress looks every day.

Bisi because he’s loving the total number of the huge city boys, and there are several rumors about his marriage picking dates for now, although he stepped down in public with anyone. Huge boys do anything to merit consideration.

Funke Akindele:

Funke Akin Delaware is also one of the hottest babes guys want to date. His incomparable talent and interpretation of film roles made him a courageous attitude. Many boys can imagine the heart Funke is a lift because his comedy side of the relationship would bring.

Moses saapumiset:

Dayo Amusa is one of the actresses are extremely friendly Yoruba movie industry. Stylish, light complexion actress is also a courageous and knows his onions.

Biodun Okeowo:

Biodun Okeowo has recently clearly enjoying the attention suitors. Black actress is blessed with attractive curves in the right places.

Bisola Badmus
Bisola Badmus is one of the actresses. Dark-skinned actress busty barely missed events and receptions.


Mosun Filani is a treasure, Abeokuta, Ogun State on the basis of the actor, is one of the hottest babes guys die on the latter. Although he does not come from one of his many admirers, Mosun says that someone wants to listen he calms down a dark complexion and nice guy.

SOLA Kosok

Sola Kosoko is bright color, gorgeous daughter of the President of the National Association of Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP), Prince jide Kosoko. Sola is connected purse is based on Ogun State. His reputation as a stylish and a excellent dressing sense to him an advantage ..


Sola Asedeko Yoruba is one of the actresses who barely sees, and that a statement would be when he comes out of events. University of Lagos is one of the hottest babes in the industry boys can go to the roof to declare his like.


Fade Kemi Momoh is a way to make things happen and be loved. Lagos is a petite actress honor, but he knows his onions. He is one of the actresses who are adventurous.


Lolade Abuta is one of the hottest babes in the field. His outgoing nature and a major attitude placed him under the sexy boys killed so far in the field.

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3124241249 fd5b0058d7 Katy Perry and Russell Brands wedding ceremony in Indias style details

Image by Burns!
Katy Perry and Russell Brand are now officially a wife and husband. Perry and Brand were married on Saturday at a resort in northwestern India.

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Expert Reviewon Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Ultra portable netbook

300px Lenovo X60 open 2 Expert Reviewon Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Ultra portable netbook
Image via Wikipedia

Lenovo has just released ThinkPad x300, the ultra portable netbook series, how about its advantages, superiority and disadvantages compared to other?

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