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All you should know about Lenovo S10-2 type

I am interested to this type, and started searching for info, reviews and more about Lenovo S10-2 10 29577NU. The computer was bought for my wife and she likes to play cards and the computer works. But most vital work is that the Amazon service is very excellent. The computer arrived in two days we are both pleased.

Lenovo S10-2 10.1-Inch Floral Sea Netbook – Up To 6 Hours Of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)


Before I start using Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 I would ever never expect this quality. It’s more than incredible.. First of all forget about recharging your computer.Battery life is more than 6 hours. When it’s not in use I place on hibernate, then battery lasts all day long. Very light, I carry everywhere with me in my small purse. Monitor a small bit small, but if you don’t have vision problem it’s not a huge deal at all. About handling if you buy from Amazon you must expect a long waiting time. I had to buy from Amazon to be able to use Amazon card, I have waited about 3 weeks to get it, right after this I bought another regular laptop; even though I paid extra 2 day delivery fee $ 19.80, still I got it in 1 week. For the product it’s strongly recommended..

CheapLenovo S10-2 10.1-Inch Floral Sea Netbook – Up To 6 Hours Of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)



CheapestLenovo S10-2 10.1-Inch Floral Sea Netbook – Up To 6 Hours Of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)

Fantastic small Netbook

Second one of these we got. Both get lots of use, are simple and reliable. Battery life is excellent, shipping was quick, and price was reasonable. All buys should be like this.

DiscountLenovo S10-2 10.1-Inch Floral Sea Netbook – Up To 6 Hours Of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)

Fantastic Netbook, poor OS selection

With the S10-2 Lenovo played a game of give and take.

On the outside, the netbook looks and feels cheap. Everything is plastic — even the metal looking bits. This makes for a very light netbook, and one that can survive a drop without much hurt [speaking from experience]. Even the decorative colors look like a half-hearted attempt at dressing this device up. Finally, the battery has a hump in it that allows device to sit at an angle. This is a fantastic feature because it allows the netbook too cool efficiently, but at the same time makes S10-2 a bit thick. If aesthetics are vital to your computing devices this might not be the netbook for you.

The inside bits show where Lenovo paid attention. The keyboard, although not full size, is large enough type comfortably on, and the keys have brilliant tactile feedback. The screen is glossy (but not overwhelmingly), responsive, and bright. My eyes say image quality on the screen isn’t as excellent as my Macbook Pro or Macbook, but on par with my Dell E6500. The camera is a 1.2 megapixel device with fantastic image quality. The Intel GMA950 Graphics is plenty of GPU to do what this netbook is designed to do; surf the web, read e-mail, and video conferencing. Netbooks and laptops often exhibit signal interference from their own componentry when you listen to audio with excellent quality headphones/earbuds — not so with Lenovo S10-2. The audio components are brilliant, even the tiny speakers perform well; in fact I would say the audio is better quality than all three of my afore mentioned laptops. Wired and wireless networking is just as quick and stable as all my other mobile networking devices. Finally, the N270 processor can perform all these tasks without the netbook feeling sluggish (if you use the right OS), thanks to it’s dual core nature.

But, where the S10-2 falls flat is the choice in Operating Systems. I am a fan of Windows 7; it’s a solid operating system, and I delight in using it on my Dell. But the “Starter” edition of Windows 7 is simply something Microsoft made to so you would pay for upgrade. It is too limited (unless your an advanced user, you won’t even be able to change your desktop background) it wants far more processor, more GPU, and more memory than this netbook can provide. A memory upgrade to 2GB will keep you from wanting to pull your hair out, but the real solution here is to change your OS to something designed to run small devices [not a task for non-technical users].

Low PriceLenovo S10-2 10.1-Inch Floral Sea Netbook – Up To 6 Hours Of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)

awesome small laptop

fantastic battery life, compact, light, versatile. only a couple of things may hold you back from buying it, the processor is not the fastest but it does the job well, and no dvd/cd drive, but the portability makes up for it. has a built in webcam and wifi. couldnt question for more. the keyboard is a bit cramped but after some use your hands will get used to it.

Shop ForLenovo S10-2 10.1-Inch Floral Sea Netbook – Up To 6 Hours Of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)

I Like It!!!

I am more than satisfied with this product. It does everything it is supposed to do. There are a few things I dont like though… Office is a 60 day trial as is McAfee…and i am not getting 6 hrs out of the battery, more like 4. But, this is a excellent small computer.

Where To BuyLenovo S10-2 10.1-Inch Floral Sea Netbook – Up To 6 Hours Of Battery Life (Windows 7 Starter)

Just Perfect

I have now 5 days with this notebook and I like it… the sound is just incredible, really excellent quality…very excellent choice.

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Best buy for “Lenovo S10 2 10 29577NU”,

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