Tablet PC – Heralds Of A New Era

Today we will talk about the creation of tablet PC. Throughout the history of the portable computer designers were constantly searching for the most suitable solution that would allow working with it on the road. And according to this they had to deal with the controversial task. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure lightness and compactness of the system so that you can use it literally on the run, on the other – to produce the most diverse information input, including typing.

Until now, the problem of handwriting recognition required significant computing resources, so that all previous attempts to implement such functions in portable computers have failed. This was connected both with the lack of sufficient productive mobile processors, and the fact that emerging platforms were closed. Because of this, a large number of programs that can take full advantage of pen input were not to be recruited, which, in turn, led to the unpopularity of products.

But with the release of the operating system Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition, and Tablet PCs based on it the situation has begun changed.

The fact is that not only the handwriting recognition is integrated into this platform, but also it supports the function of the so-called digital ink. And any programmer can use them in order to make a program in which the user will enter a text, draw or just play with the touch-sensitive screen.

The applications that can process and store the recordings made by hand can be included in the operating system. Primarily this is Input Panel. It appears during the boot process, and its icon is at your taskbar, so that you can call this program at any moment. The application imitates the normal keyboard, provides a window for handwriting and subsequent conversion to text, and allows you to activate the voice input.

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