SLR Cameras. Their Features.

SLR cameras have appeared long ago, but now it goes not about the history of cameras, but namely digital “SLR cameras” as they are commonly called. Why are they called reflex? Everything is very simple – the design of this camera includes – a mirror. Thanks to it we can see the image before making the frame.

The design of all SLR cameras is the same: the light passing through the lens comes on the mirror, it is reflected and gets on the prism, and you see a picture. After pressing the shutter, the mirror is raised, and for a split second the shutter opens through which the light is imprinted on the photosensitive matrix – the heart of every digital camera. Then the image of the matrix is stored in flash memory for the later use – everything is simple!

So, what is the difference between “SLR” and usual camera. At first glance you can see the difference only in sizes, but this is only for lovers of photography, but in fact the main difference is in the absence of the same system with a mirror.

The fact is that conventional cameras are arranged much simpler then reflex cameras: the light passing through the lens immediately gets into the matrix, so you can see the image on the screen at once. But due to the fact that the light hits the matrix continuously – we have too much light, and the camera has to “filter” the image, that is to impose all sorts of filters – brightness, contrast, gamma, color saturation, and this is not the entire list! Thus we have not a real image, but only the image that the camera sees.

Of course, it is not necessary to reckon that usual cameras are terrible, their main advantage – is the compactness and ease of use. SLR cameras are hard to manage and configure, even in automatic modes, so they are used by professional photographers. For the average layman it is enough a usual camera.

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