Reflex Camera. Rules Of Selection.

Currently the market of phototechnique is full of low-cost digital photographic devices that allow getting the photos of decent quality. But, professionals and active amateurs prefer reflex digital cameras, because they are multifunctional and have a higher quality of the images.

What points should be considered?

1. Price. Of course, there are no any restrictions in this issue; it all depends on your needs and financial possibilities. For example, if you take photos for documents, do not consider overly expensive options. For these purposes you can choose SLR worth 500-600 dollars. Of course, expensive cameras have a number of additional advantages, but in this case, you will not use all of their functional.

2. Matrix. This is a semi-conductor plate, which includes many light-sensitive cells (pixels) that form rows or columns. First of all, we must pay attention to such characteristics as the matrix resolution, size and sensitivity. Resolution is measured in megapixels, and reflects what number of cells the matrix consists of. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the images is.

3. Lens. It is characterized by photo power, which determines the quality of the images. The sharpness, clarity and lack of distortion in the picture depend on the characteristics of the lens. Objectives are divided into wide-angle and long focus. The first ones have a long focal length and are ideal for landscape photography. Long-focus lenses are used mainly for shooting distant subjects.

4. Optical image stabilizer. This is a special device, which eliminates image blur due to shake of hands when taking pictures. Therefore, before choosing a SLR camera, remember that there are two options for image stabilization. Some manufacturers have inserted the stabilizer inside the lens (Canon, Nikon), others use the stabilization based on the shift of the matrix – inside the camera (Sony, Pentax, Olympus). The latter option is more convenient because you can work with any lens.

In addition to all the above, pay attention to the appearance of the camera, its design and quality of housing. In addition, we recommend you selecting a reflex camera only in specialty store. You can get a professional advice and get a reliable guarantee for the use of your SLR camera.

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