Louis Vuitton deals with Keith Richards, suicide or a big hit?

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Louis Vuitton is sponsoring Keith Richards now, is this going to be a huge hit or just another LV suicide attempt. The French Design Company Louis Vuitton has been around for more than 100 years and they have done a excellent job of selling handbags. The Company started with selling high quality luggage to travelers who were in desperate need of luggage that could withstand a lot of travel. Eventually the company was known for its handbags and its signature LV pattern that has made the brand recognized throughout the world. It does not matter what part of the globe your are people recognize a Louis Vuitton LV logo handbag in brown canvas.

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The company has tried to make a brand that is the most exclusive of its type. The down side to its popularity is that the company spends millions of dollars each year fighting of counterfeiters that like to copy the well-known brand. Many of the copied bags come from places in Asia because they have mastered the art of replicating the LV Bags nearly exactly as the originals.

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Louis Vuitton has been involved in using Well-known Celebrities to advertise there bags. Some of there most well-known marketing campaigns have involved such huge stars as Uma Thurman and Scarlett Johansson. Jennifer Lopez and Christina Ricci also have used there name and appeared in many print ads in some of the best fashion magazines around.

The latest campaign may be the most fascinating of them all. Louis Vuitton chose to use Keith Richards of the well-known Rock Band the Rolling Stones in there ad campaign. It may be a wonderful marketing strategy because of the amount of free press that it is receiving. Every late night talk show host is talking about it and just the buzz it has made is worth what they paid him.

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