Getting your first cheap laptops guide – Expert 101 point of view

There are so many reason why you may choose to get the cheaper or even cheapest laptop for your first or even your business laptop . If you’re going to read this helpful article, you must be shopping for one to. So, let’s cut to the chase and get to it right?

1) The simplest way to buy excellent cheap laptops is by tracking down the brand and model of the notebook that you wish to buy and then shop around from reputable various cheap laptop computers online stores buy the one that you want or need once find the best price.

But be careful though… if you come across a laptop price that is so low therefore that seems too excellent to be right, it probably is. Question yourself where the “catch” is and if you can’t find one, question the stores’ customer service personnel or simply look around in the help section.

I am sure that you’ll agree with me that there’s nothing worse than buying an item from somewhere at a very excellent price to only realize later that you must buy extra parts and accessories that were omitted purposefully to keep the price low that will trick unsuspecting shoppers. It has happened to me, beware that it does not happen to you! For example many retailers promote cheap prices on desktops but there’s a small print somewhere that the monitor is not included yet the show the monitor in the picture of the system… how sneaky is that?

The real time you should trust an offer about cheap laptop computers if:

The store is holding a sale
If the store is huge enough and can afford to stock a huge inventory of notebooks. This will justify the low prices as the mass buy from their side will have resulted in a few savings that will be passed onto the shopper. We recommend such cheap laptops dealers.

Also, beware of cheap laptops online merchants that will not offer you the after-sales service that you deserve. This is how way they keep their prices low. They cut corners ( these merchants don’t — thank goodness)! It might save you a few hundreds dollars upfront but you will inherit endless nightmares should anything incorrect. Trust me, with *all* laptop computers at some stage something will go haywire!

2) The best second way to shopping for cheap laptops is an effective one too. There’s nothing magical about it. As matter of fact, it’s so straight-forward yet many laptop computer buyers ignore it really.

This secret of buying excellent cheap laptop computers involve selecting only those features that you need. Believe me, this no-brainer will save you hundreds of dollars. Hmmm… you’re in doubt? OK… you’re allowed to… as a matter of fact it’s excellent that you don’t take my word for gospel. But, I am going to prove it to you right here right now.

When I was shopping for a notebook, my budget was tight (as a musician, money is always…). One fellow musician had recommended that I get myself a Pentium 4 – 1,8 GHz powered machine that had at least 512 MB of RAM, 40 Gb and 16.1′ show. After all, these were these were the specs of his laptop and if he was pleased with his I’d be pleased with the same kind of computer. I chose to bite the bullet and shell out US $ 2,700 to buy the laptop.

After months of saving up, I was ready. For some weird and rather coincidental reasons, one of my other musician friend performed the night before the huge buy day at a bar in the city next to where I lived. I went to see him play live and questioned what specs of his laptop were… I nearly fainted when he told me that it had a Celeron processor, ran at 1 GHz, had 256 MB of RAM and 20 Gb. He told me that those specs were really double of the music software and if I wanted I could even aim lower and get a cheap laptop computer! This tale is getting to long so I’ll cut it small: I saved myself as much as US $ 1300!

Do you see how simple it is to get cheap laptops? I am sure that, you don’t need as much notebook specifications that you reckon you need. You can contact me or the customer service personnel of the listed online retailers as our expert advice can save you hundreds of dollars!

3) Another obvious way to getting cheap laptops is to wait for technological advances. Yes, patience can be a secret to getting fantastic cheap laptop computers deals. What do I mean by that?

When Pentium 4 powered laptops hit the market, the P III prices dropped at a favorable rate for the shopper. When processor speeds went past the 2.0 GHz mark, anything below that was instantly considered slow and prices of such laptop computers dropped to. And you know what, such changes do not make the latest notebooks any better of quicker than the current or now ancient ones!

Watch out for such tech changes. Needless to say, you need to be clued up and be ready to go quick as many shoppers are on the lookout for such price changes. If just want a cheap laptop and do not care about having to become a tech nerd, simple befriend one, blackmail or bribe him/ her to watch such deals for you :o)!

4) The fourth way I can reckon of to get cheap laptops is to identify dealers that sell refurbished laptops. Just in case you don’t know what that means, let me clarify as simply as I can.

Refurbished laptop computers consists of notebooks that were sent back to the manufacturer to be “renewed”. This means that they will be given new parts if the previous were defective, in other words that the machine will be as excellent as a new notebook expect that it isn’t.

Obviously, retailers will sell such systems at a very excellent price for the simple reason that they’re not groundbreaking new even if their condition is the same as the groundbreaking new ones. I am a huge fan of such cheap laptops shopping as it’s a way to get an normally expensive machine for way much less than the selling price.

More info about refurbished laptops coming soon.

5) The fifth way to buying cheap laptops is also deceptively straight forward.

It consists of getting cheap laptop computers by purchasing previously owned and used laptops. There are a few reasons why anyone would want to sell his/ her laptop: upgrade to a quicker model, inability to pay for it fully, the need of using it might disappear (for example: a freelancer who finds a permanent job and gets a desktop), companies selling their inventory, people needing something different for a change (yes, it happens especially among people in like with technology — technophiles) and so on…

Shopping for this kind of cheap laptops can get tough though. Before I buy anything that is used, I always question myself or the current owner or seller why he or she wants to get rid of it. If the answer satisfies me, I will then proceed. If it doesn’t, I’ll run as quick as I can.

I’ll never forget one man who place his laptop at ebay for auction and said that the machine was in mint condition and yet the picture revealed that the poor laptop was held together by masking tape that’s how messed up it was.

Such a method to buy cheap laptops will have detailed article someday. Please, keep checking back for the link.

Now, Go Buy a Cheap laptop!

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