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300px QWERTY keyboard The Hottese <a onclick=javascript: gaq.push([ trackPageview, /outgoing/article exit link]); rel=nofollow href= target= blank>Black Katana Sword</a> on our Colinzi website today.

Find More <a href=ht Small Notebook Computers of 2010, expert reviews
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How do you want your notebook on latest 2010. Smaller? Smarter? high tech? It’s a fact. The Notebook Computer is shrinking. Most of today’s computer customers probably don’t remember back when a portable computer was the size of a large briefcase, complete with handle. Many of them probably don’t even remember the days when a 12″ LCD screen was considered large, and seven or eight pounds was thought of as light weight.

These days, Notebook Computers come as small as seven or eight inches across, and many average three pounds or less. Computers are getting smaller, lighter, and simpler to go, for a society on the go. Here’s a look at the phenomenon of Small Notebook Computers, and what you should look for when you buy.

Why Buy Small Notebook Computers?

So, why should you look at a small notebook, anyhow? If you’re one of the thousands of people on the market for a new computer, there are three main factors. The first one is price. These smaller computers are lower performing than many of their competitors. They aren’t going to run all the latest games or do any processing intensive work.

But, for most people who just want to do some word processing, chat with friends, and play a few low intensity casual games on the go, the price is right. You can get a Small Notebook Computer (netbook) for five or six hundred dollars, or even less. A larger notebook will start at double that.

Portability is another huge plus. Five or six pounds of laptop computer might not seem like much, until you’ve walked a mile with it hanging off one shoulder. Then you realize that lighter Small Notebook Computers have a real advantage. Many of them don’t even require their own computer case. They come with small foam cases to protect them inside your messenger bag, backpack or purse. Just place the computer inside and go. Of course, for longer trips or more secure carrying, a proper laptop bag or backpack is probably a smart thought.

Last, but not least, Small Notebook Computers are convenient. Unlike a larger notebook or a desktop, they can be there when you need them. That means it’s simpler than ever to take your work with you, whether it’s to a friend’s house, on the plane, or down the street to the local coffee shop. You don’t have to wonder if that email has arrived, wait to get home to check on your package, or sit bored when you have work to do, just because your ancient computer is too inconvenient. Small laptop computers are the answer to all your problems.

Students, freelance writers, and business people all like these small computers. But they need to know that their machines are going to do what they want them to, and so do you. That means that before you buy, you need to take a look at the technical specifications for the computer you’re thinking about. Take the time to check out a few laptop reviews, too.

They’ll tell you what problems people have had with a given model and what works well for them. There are listings for keyboard size, graphics and sound card type, processor, memory and many other tech specs. All you have to do is a small comparison to find the one you want. Look into construction quality, too – some have complained about lower end machines feeling “flimsy” or too light. A few dollars more could get you a machine that performs comparably but lasts a lot longer.

What They Won’t Do

A Small Notebook Computer isn’t everyone’s perfect choice. After all, some things have to be sacrificed for small size and light weight. These include a small bit of performance, screen size, and sometimes keyboard size. The tiniest computers might have cramped keyboards, which typists can find annoying. They also feature relatively small screens that make them sub-optimal for group movie watching, and don’t have the graphics cards or the processor speed to play the latest games.

They’re never going to replace your top of the line desktop, with its giant screen and fantastic processing capability. If you need to do lots of typing, require excellent processor performance and lots of memory, or want to spend a lot of your time watching movies with friends, this isn’t going to be a primary computer for you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect second computer, when you can’t bring your huge one along. It’s also fantastic as a first computer for people who prioritize light weight and easily mobility, without a lot of need to engage in heavy processing. Sure, a small notebook isn’t perfect for everyone, but it still has an dreadful lot to offer. Try one out today and see what a difference they can make.

Small Notebooks Computers Might Work For You

A tiny computer could be your best friend if you need to work on the go. Light, convenient, attractive and durable, these small machines have it all. From Asus‘s tiny 7″ Eee (which debuted on the market a few years ago) to larger 12″ models from companies like Samsung, there are all kinds of Small Notebook Computers out there.

They’re not a replacement for your desktop, and they don’t have the fastest processors on the market. That’s a fact. But, a Small Notebook Computer has a whole lot to offer to people who need to work on the go, without a lot of inconvenience. Check them out and see how a small notebook could change how you work.

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nokia x5-01

Nokia X5-01 | First look review on Nokia X5 music slider phone

This must be the most fugly mobile phone I ever see in 2010, I know it target the teenage out there, but the design is still not appealing at all, it simply out of date.

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Dell Lightning

Sneak peek on Dell Lightning, Windows Phone 7 line from Dell

The second rumor I’ve heard about Windows Phone 7 base smartphone, its the Dell Lightning. Microsoft seems pretty optimistic about this latest mobile OS, I hope it’s not going to be just like Vistagate:).


Samsung Cetus i917, a Windows Phone 7 base smartphone

We have already heard about Samsung Cetus, then you maybe already heard too about i870 with Android, but now Samsung rumored to have a Windows Phone 7 based smartphone with its Samsung Cetus,


November 2010, Blackpad Blackberry Tablet by RIM, iPad like?

The rumors started when there was a domain name registration by the Ontario RIM headquarter with the name of blackpad(dot)com.


“Thor” the Movie – Thor movie trailer leaked

Marvel Comics is going to be all out this year, Thor is their project and will be released soon. I fortunately found a trailer here today

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Steven Tyler in american idol

Steven Tyler as a new panel judge in American Idol?

All hail to Steven Tyler:), here comes the new American Idol Judge. Steven Tyler, as we all know, is the vocalist, the leader of a legendary rock band Aerosmith

Kara DioGuardi is leaving American Idol

Exclusive News: Kara DioGuardi is out from American Idol

TMZ state that Kara DioGuardi is leaving American Idol following Ellen Degeneres as a judge panel in American Idol.

iphone 4 white

iPhone 4 White, July or late of this year?

I am still waiting for the iPhone 4 white for my girl, but, with the problems with the regular iPhone, I presume they will delay the launch and, maybe, just maybe, this iPhone white will be shipped with the fix, hopefully, at least with the antenna problem and the screen manufacture defective fixed.


Samsung Galaxy Q, a sneak peek

Samsung is heading for more, engaging other rivals for more premium phone, this one is still a rumour, but it came with a spec.
The Samsung Galaxy Q. SMaller, impoved, QWERTY style of Samsung Galaxy S.

HTC Windows Phone 7, upcoming or hoax?

Linked from the article in, i made my own research abut this rumored newest HTC model. A candybar model from HTC with SLCD and 1GHz Snapdragon processor, it surely sound like the new HTC Desire rumor, but this one use Windows Phone 7, certainly a developer build, that still hidden from public. There are only three touch sensitive button under its giant screen, nearly the same as Nexus One, with a 8 megapixels camera. Is it the rumored Desire HD? Or HTC scorpion? We’ll see more about this soon.