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2010 Top Rated Android Phones with short Reviews

Android is a very powerful OS compared to the Apple iPhone OS, Blackberry, any Symbian and S40 are certainly under classes.

Acer's Aspire 5741G

Acer Aspire 5741 and Aspire 5741G, best buy laptop for office and entertainment

I will state my conclusion on Acer‘s Aspire 5741G first, its is a excellent workhorse, especially for office or entertainment use, but not for gaming and CERTAINLY not something you like on the aesthetic factor.

nokia x5-01

Nokia X5-01 | First look review on Nokia X5 music slider phone

This must be the most fugly mobile phone I ever see in 2010, I know it target the teenage out there, but the design is still not appealing at all, it simply out of date.

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“Thor” the Movie – Thor movie trailer leaked

Marvel Comics is going to be all out this year, Thor is their project and will be released soon. I fortunately found a trailer here today

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Kara DioGuardi is leaving American Idol

Exclusive News: Kara DioGuardi is out from American Idol

TMZ state that Kara DioGuardi is leaving American Idol following Ellen Degeneres as a judge panel in American Idol.


Nokia N8 Expert review verdict and full specification

I finnaly get this phone, like other Nokia N-Series, Nokia N8 is always got its impressive look hardware and multimedia capability. But, compared to other, I have to admit that Nokia is in no way competing with this product.


Toshiba Portege R705: Expert compilation Reviews and Specs

Still wearing all the identity of a Portege, Toshiba Portege R705 is listed as best buy nearly everywhere in the online store. First look impression

Ducati 848 Evo 2011 version

Ducati 848 evo 2011 version : Tech review

Ducati 848 evo 2011 version is released today, this is by far the most wanted superbike ever from Ducati for Heavy bikers. It utilize the Testasretta engine .


HP Slate 500 : HP product highlight

HP Slate 500 now featured in HP website, specification is not clearly clarify, but EnergyStar is giving more clue abiut this, a 1.6 GHz processor, 1GB RAM and Windows 7.


Nokia Kinetic Concepts, How it Works !

Few days ago, Jeremy Iness-Hopkins introduce the concept of Nokia Kinetic, then, a day after the actual concept prototype show up.

htc desire

HTC Desire HD a.k.a HTC Ace, upgraded HTC desire?

Any sneak peak around this hot stuff? We did some research including asking my friends through skype who works at HTC headquarter, still no leaks or news, any rumored news about this on the internet is fake,

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toshiba satellite a665

Toshiba Satellite A665 Expert and basic User view

In the end of June this year, Toshiba already announce their product line such as Toshiba Satellite A665 and other model like M645. A665 got my first impression here, it got a 15.6 inch Screen with *wow* Intel COre i7 740QM Processor. The included memory is 4GB DDR3 and finally the new NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350MB Optimus graphic card, what else do you want?

HP Envy 14 from Toshiba

HP Envy 14 Expert and basic user review compilation

HP has already launch the HP Envy 15 and HP Envy 17 widescreen, and now they go for HP Envy 14, which is mean only one thing, it got the 14 inch widescreen. this I am quite sure will heavily compete with MacBook Pro user. Wrapped in aluminum styles loaded with all premium features, slot loading DVD Burner with Blu-ray option available, backlit keyboard and glass screen, and mini-DisplayPort just like MacBook Pro 13. It is an ultra portable notebook which is only 5.25 pounds in weighing and only 1.1 inch thin.

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toshiba portege R700

Toshiba Portege R700 Compiled Expert review

Toshiba is again tried to win the crowd among mobile travellers with a new, ultra portable laptop series, the new Toshiba Portege R700. Toshiba Portege R700 is recognized as the world’s slimmest and lightest 13.3″ laptop, with 1″ thickness and weight about 3 lbs with Airflow cooling technology, it certainly get some attention, nearly forgot a DVD drive is also included.

sony vaio recall

Sony Vaio Recall (again) for F and C series

sony viao 300x217 Sony Vaio Recall (again) for F and C series

sony vaio recall

Sony announced a mass recall again for their Sony Vaio F and C series. The problem lies in (again) overheating problem. A Quick fix was already released as a software update available in Sony’s notebook division.

User claim that some F and C series happened to be very hot outside and more inside, even in the keyboard part, Sony Vaio F11 and CW2 seem to be mostly affected by this issue

User claim that some F and C series happened to be very hot outside and more inside, even in the keyboard part, Sony Vaio F11 and CW2 seem to be mostly affected by this issue though Sony commented that this is not a recall since it can be fixed by a firmware update.
Sony has clarified that the overheating problem occurs when the battery is overcharged. To check that your Sony Vaio laptop is affected or not please visit Sony Vaio Support website and enter your laptop serial number there.

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