A Recommended Training Supplement For Those Brazilian Jiujitsu Players

I get questioned all the time by beginners on what I will recommend like a training supplement to accelerate their development.

In this article, I’ll be covering among the best DVDs out there for beginners to build up their game more quickly.

On the side note I just want to deal with the main topic of DVDs and state that although I don’t believe an individual can adequately learn a martial art, especially one as sophisticated as Jiujitsu from DVDs. I DO feel that in proper perspective, they’re a fantastic training aid and supplement that can definetely help improve ones skills at a quicker rate.

That said the first DVD set I’d like to go over is by Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt Roy Dean, called Brazilian jiujitsu; The Blue Belt Requirements.

One of the greatest things about this set may be the precise detail that Mr. Dean goes into in explaining and demonstrating the techniques.

The demonstrations of techniques are so detailed that I can certainly recommend anyone at the White Belt level to people testing for their Blue Belt to view these DVDs first as they are sure to help you to pinpoint the details of each required technique.

Furthermore the organized approach from the DVDs helps beginners keep an eye on and build upon the abilities they develop, further increasing their knowledge of Jiujitsu and preventing confusion. Mr. Dean’s skills as an instructor really shine through because well, as he clearly and concisely articulates all the main points and keeps the viewer’s pinpoint the vital steps involved in each technique.

This two DVD set goes over all the details associated with the fundamental positions, fundamental submissions and techniques that will permit those beginning in Brazilian Jiujitsu to help clarify all the details they enter class, helping them not just memorise but also implement the techniques and their precise details to develop a excellent foundational base in BJJ.

Roy Dean’s Blue Belt Requirements ought to be required viewing for White Belts at all BJJ Academies.

I will even go as far as to say that much more advanced level practitioners will take advantage of reviewing the DVD set as it will help to review all the basics that their game is made on. Kind of like re-solidifying the building blocks that their game is dependant on.

That’s saying alot to have an instructional DVD set designed for beginners.

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